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Face masks in general are great for targeting specific skin concerns, hydrating the skin, eliminating excess oils and reducing the appearance of pores. The best Korean face mask is one that contains plenty of natural ingredients (vitamins and minerals), improves the overall appearance of the skin, is hydrating and — most importantly — does what it claims to do. Additionally, there are different types of face masks — wash-off masks, peeling masks and sheet masks, to name a few.

Sheet masks are a popular beauty product used by many across the world — they are convenient, sanitary and good for the skin. There are plenty of face masks available on the market, but no one does it better than K-beauty, where they originated from! That is because most Korean sheet masks are mainly made up of water, vitamins and minerals. 

The main benefit of using sheet masks is that they hydrate the skin. As mentioned previously, sheet masks are made up of water, vitamins and minerals that then soak into your skin and help to reduce its dryness. The vitamins and minerals help to boost your skin quality and make it feel and look healthier and more glowy. Sheet masks are easy to apply and remove from the skin. Once you remove the mask off your face, you dispose of it, which reduces bacteria transmission. 

Although sheet masks are amazing and work wonders for your skin, they can become pricy. Therefore, we recommend switching between sheet masks , wash-off masks and sleeping masks to ensure you get all the benefits from each type of face mask and achieve the skin feel and look you dream of. 

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