PayPal Buy Now Pay Later

Wanna pay with PayPal? You've now got two options: you can pay now, or you can spread the cost of your orders over three payments with PayPal Pay in 3! All you need to get started is a PayPal account – once you're logged in or signed up, you can choose one of the options below.


You guessed it – pay straight away using your PayPal account.

2. PAY IN 3

PayPal's Pay in 3 is all about empowerment, control and freedom – like having the choice to split your order total up into three smaller amounts, for instance. You can view your remaining balance at any time, and you can even pay it off early if you like. See? Total control and zero hassle – ideal. Remember to spend responsibly, though – sometimes splitting up payments might not always be the best option (just saying). Take a look at the FAQs for the full lowdown.

Add your K Beauty to your basket.


Find something you love at K-Beauty UK, add it to your bag and head to the checkout.

CHOOSE your payment method.


Sounds obvious, but before you can use PayPal, or PayPal Pay in 3, you'll need a PayPal account. If you haven't got one, you can set one up when you choose PayPal easy!

Once you get to the checkout, you can select either 'PayPal Pay Now' or, if the purchase is £30 or more, 'Pay in 3 with PayPal Pay Later'.

Place your order, and you’re done – it's that easy.


Just select Pay in 3 with PayPal Pay Later at the checkout and enjoy the power of taking control of your spending. We want you to shop with confidence, so please have a think about your finances before choosing any 'pay later' option – you'll need to make sure you have enough money to pay the amounts each month.

Select 'PayPal' as your payment option, log in to your account and, if you're spending £30 or more, 'Pay in 3' will show up as a payment method. After selecting it, you can apply for a PayPal Pay in 3 plan in a few simple steps and complete your purchase. Then, you can keep track of your payments (and flex your new outfits).

Your first payment will be charged at the time you finish checking out. After that, your second and third payments will be charged one and two months after the date of purchase, on the same date...

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