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Cleansers are a skincare product that most people will be familiar with, more so than some of the products found in a Korean 10-step skincare routine . Face cleanser plays an essential role in the maintenance and revitalisation of healthy skin, so it should be a part of even the most basic skincare regimen. 

The primary role of a face cleanser in your skincare routine is removing the build-up of unwanted dirt, sebum and impurities. Makeup should be removed before the cleansing stage, but any residual makeup will be swept out along with other impurities from the pores and the skin’s surface. 

As face cleanser is so essential in your skincare, it makes sense that there be a huge range available. Korean skincare really has a cleanser for every skin type and skin complaint, so finding the right face cleanser for your skin is crucial if you want to see the full benefits. 

Face cleansers work in a variety of different ways depending on what you buy. Cleansing oils work by drawing out impurities from deep within the pores and washes them away. Cleansing foams lather to remove build-up and sweep away dead skin cells. Cleansing foams are particularly effective on oily skin as they also reduce sebum. 

Face cleanser is also completely safe and encouraged for sensitive skin. Sensitive skin can feel irritated by some foaming cleansers, so in this instance, the best option is a cleansing balm which has a different formula and texture. Low pH cleansers and face cleansers packed with natural ingredients are strongly recommended for sensitive skin as they will remove dead skills and grime but without the tight feeling after effect of some harsh cleansers.

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