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The Pyunkang Yul’s clever 1/3 cotton pads are designed so that you only use one third the amount of liquid skincare product that you would normally use. Made with pulp-rayon, these soft and cushiony pads deliver your toner or essence effectively by releasing back the liquid when pressed onto skin.

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    The cotton pad is very thin, does not pill or leave any unwanted fibers behind. It is slightly stiff and is not as as soft as regular cotton pads but absorbs the product well before releasing it back when pressed on skin.

    Made with a blend of Pulp and Rayon. Each box contains 160 pieces - designed to absorb only 1/3 of liquid products compared to general cotton pads while delivering sufficient product to the skin.



    Pulp Rayon blend

    How to use

    Wipe or pat the skin gently with a cotton pad soaked in toner.

    Apply a sufficient amount of your favourite moisturising toner and leave on for 10 minutes for intensive hydration.