Radiant Skin Care In Your 50s

Radiant Skin Care In Your 50s

From navigating through the minefield of expensive anti-ageing products, to working out just what it is you should be using to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, it can be a challenge figuring out how to maintain or achieve radiant-looking skin in your 50s. For an easy, 10-step formula to flawless skin, take a look at our ready made 10-step skincare routine for your 50s.

 Step 1- Cleanse- Heimish All Clean Balm Oil-Based Cleanser

Ideal for use as the first of a two-part cleansing step, the Heimish All Clean Balm effectively removes dirt, impurities and the build-up of make-up residue. Enriched with shea butter and botanical extracts, this is a cleansing balm that will leave your skin radiant and refreshed, ready to be nourished by all the other products in this skincare regime. 



Heimish All Clean Balm Oil-Based Cleanser


 Step 2- Cleanse- Benton Honest Cleansing Foam

Gentle yet effective, the Benton Honest Cleansing Foam is the perfect secondary step in the two-part cleansing step. Cleanse your skin with the luxurious lather created by Benton’s Honest Cleansing Foam and ensure that it remains optimally hydrated with the foam’s intensely moisturising properties. 

Benton Honest Cleansing Foam


Step 3-Exfoliate- Benton PHA Peeling Gel 

Made with gently exfoliating PHA, this exfoliating gel will help you to smoothen your skin and unclog your pores. Though not for daily use, this step should be used a few times per week to really help to refine the appearance of your skin while removing unwanted blackheads. 

Benton - PHA Peeling Gel (shown on a blue floral background, to the right of the "Benton" logo)


Step 4- Toner- Benton Aloe BHA Toner 

Not only are toners great for rebalancing your skin, they effectively prep the skin for all products that are subsequently applied. The Aloe BHA Toner from Benton is infused with skin nourishing ingredients such as aloe and salicylic acid to fortify your skin’s natural moisture barrier and revitalise the appearance of your skin. 

 Benton BHA Toner


Step 5- Essence- COSRX Advanced Snail Power Essence 

To even your skin tone while reducing the appearance of ageing, try the Advanced Snail Power Essence from COSRX. A lightweight essence which is quickly absorbed by the skin, the Advanced Snail Power Essence is the answer to your calls for a radiant, glowing and even complexion. 


COSRX Advanced Snail Power Essence

 Step 6- Serum/Ampoule- Benton Cacao Moist & Mild Serum

Following the application of the  Benton Cacao Moist & Mild Serum, apply Benton’s Cacao Moist & Mild. A gentle, moisturising serum enriched with all manner of botanical extracts to nourish your skin, the Cacao Moist & Mild has been designed for use in a multi-step skincare routine. Not only is the serum comfortable to wear, it is the key to achieving a dewy complexion all year round.

Benton Cacao Moist & Mild Serum

 Step 7-Mask

Calming, refreshing and ideal for brightening firming and revitalising the skin, Laneige's Cica Sleeping Mask should be used as the seventh step of this skincare routine. Not only are masks a staple in korean beauty regimes, they are loaded with skin-loving ingredients that pamper your complexion.

Laneige - Cica Sleeping Mask (shown in front of a cliffside background next to the "Laneige" logo)



Step 8- Eye Cream- Benton Fermentation Eye Cream

Once your skin has been moisturised and refreshed by Laneige's Cica Sleeping Mask, an eye cream should be applied to really hone in on the delicate area of skin around the eye. Benton’s Fermentation Eye Cream works to diminish fine lines and wrinkles with its fusion of galacytomyces, ferment filtrate and hyaluronic acid. 


Benton Fermentation Eye Cream



 Step 9- Moisturiser- COSRX Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream

As this routine slowly comes to an end your focus should be on creating a barrier that will really lock all of those nourishing ingredients you’ve applied into your skin. By using COSRX’s Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream, you effectively trap all of that goodness into your skin while ensuring your skin remains moist and hydrated.


COSRX Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream



Step 10- Sunscreen- COSRX Snail Essence Sunscreen

The final and arguably most important step of any skincare routine, the application of suncream doesn’t just protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays- it also protects your skin from premature ageing. The COSRX Snail Essence Sunscreen is also intensely hydrating and comfortable to wear, so you can be sure that your skincare routine comes to a perfect finish. 

COSRX Snail Essence Sunscreen

There’s a reason the world has become obsessed with the Korean 10-step skincare routine lately- the results are phenomenal. Though slightly more time intensive, this is a routine that will leave skin looking and feeling absolutely beautiful. With this ready-made guide hopefully we can save you the hours of searching for the ideal products and steps, and let you get straight on with experiencing the wonderful effects of korean beauty for yourself.

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