Why it’s great

Here’s an unexpected Korean skincare secret - When it comes to perfect skin, what you use to apply and remove your products matters too.

These cotton pads are popular among Korean women because they’re made of 100% cotton. This layered cotton pad can be used in various ways by separating each layer depending on the purpose - allowing you to use them to remove makeup, apply toner or even create your own sheet mask by soaking them in your favorite essence.

These cotton pads are super-soft and will not pill or pull on your skin. With these, you'll get the most out of your products without irritating your skin.



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    100% cotton pads can be used for applying toner or lotion, or for gently removing makeup and dead skin cells when used with cleanser.


     80pcs size 50 x 70(mm)



    Key Ingredients 


    Full List of Ingredients

    100% Cotton.



    How to use

    Remove makeup, tone, or create a DIY sheet mask by soaking the cotton pads in toner or essence.