Why it’s great

Sadly, it’s not just our skin that’s prone to ageing our hair betrays the tell-tale signs of getting older too. Luckily: La’Dor allows you to give your hair the same amount of love as your skin,  La’Dor Wonder Tear infuses aloe vera extract with silk and natural oils, instantly conditioning and boosting the moisture level of dry, damaged hair for a hydrating glow - what more could want...



Professional haircare at home. La’Dor is the secret to that enviable ‘Korean girl’ perfectly shiny hair. La’Dor believe that your hair reflects your health and are committed to formulating products that use natural ingredients to improve scalp and hair health, La’Dor pairs accessibility and luxury; with natural nourishing ingredients and allow you to give your hair the same love and attention as your skin - there’s a reason it’s the number one Korean haircare brand.

La’Dor does not test ingredients or products on animals.



La’Dor Wonder Tear has a triple volumizing, strengthening and moisturising effect, leaving even the most damaged tresses soft and smooth. Enriched with softening argan and moringa oil, this treatment delivers rich conditioning and essential nourishment to leave hair shiny, silky and strong.






    Key Ingredients

    Hydrolysed silk, Ternofolia seed oil, aloe Vera aloe leaf extract Argan oil, Moringa oil, Camellia seed oil, Macadamia oil, Squalane, Sunflower seed oil.

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    How to use


    How to use: Wonder Tear - works best with La’Dor Wonder Hair Balm
    1.Apply a moderate amount of the formula from root to ends, lather, and massage for 50 seconds.
    2. Rinse off with lukewarm water.