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From helping to cleanse your pores and purify your skin to exfoliating the skin, the Konjac purifying sponge is the ideal sponge for revitalising and rejuvenating your skin. Flawless skin is achieved by the increased blood-flow and stimulated cell-turnover that this sponge enables. Hand-blended, this sponge fuses volcanic scoria from the Korean island of Jeju with Konjac Fibre to smoothen, brighten and cleanse your skin from unwanted congestion.

Popular in Asia and originally created as a way to clean baby skin, this type of sponge offers a gentle means to exfoliate dead or dry skin daily.

A uniquely vegetable based product which is entirely biodegradable and 100% plant-based, even the packaging that it comes in has a biodegradable cellulose acetate ‘window’ because of the care Innisfree take to ensure they do their bit for the environment.


As Korea’s first and best natural beauty brand, founded in 2000, Innisfree is dedicated to natural ingredients and eco-friendly beauty. Their affordable, effective products, like their It’s Real Squeeze sheet masks and Green Tea Seed Serum, make this brand a favorite among Koreans and non-Koreans alike. In addition to a commitment to utilize 70% natural ingredients in their products, most of which are indigenous to the pristine, lush eco-system of Korea’s Jeju Island (their lab is located in their green tea farm in Jeju), Innisfree strives to reduce their carbon emissions, use environmentally friendly packaging, and donates 1% of their profits to the local community.

Innisfree does not test ingredients or products on animals.

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    Volcanic scoria from the Korean island of Jeju has long been hailed for its richness in minerals and porous properties. In Asia it has been a staple of

    Structured in a unique netted shape, the sponge intertwines earthly elements and pure volcanic scoria Konjac to create a product that delicately exfoliates and cares for the skin. By using natural ingredients that absorb unwanted sebum and dirt, this sponge is an entirely eco-friendly way of purifying your skin and unclogging your pores.

    Infused with volcanic scoria from the Korean island of Jeju, the mineral-rich, naturally antibacterial rock is created from magma ejected from active volcanoes and, because of its porous properties, has long been a fixture of beauty regimes where it’s loved for its shine-minimising and pore-purifying capacity.

    Used on its own or in tandem with your favourite cleansing formula, this is perfect for those prone to congestion - helping to loosen dulling surface cells without the risk of irritation. Sufficiently gentle for use around the eyes (the sponge is pillow-soft once dampened), each biodegradable sponge is now housed in eco-friendly (and beautifully designed!) packaging with a biodegradable cellulose acetate ‘window’ – so you can ensure that your conscience is clean as your visage.

    100% pure plant-based volcanic ash and konjac cleansing sponge from the clean island of jeju.

    Volcanic ash and jelly sponge for sensitive skin!

    - innisfree's volcanic ash and jelly sponge comes from the pure environment on Jeju island.

    - Delicate bubbles deeply cleanse the pores of sensitive skin.

    About Jeju volcanic clusters

    This is a remarkable natural ingredient that forms when lava from a volcano eruption solidifies on Jeju Island. It is excellent for absorbing sebum and dirt.
    Free from talc, silicon, and mineral oil



    Full List of Ingredients

    93% Konjac Fibre, 7% Volcanic Scoria

    How to use

    Make sure to rinse the Konjac Sponge with warm water before use.

    Remove excess water by squeezing the sponge and then gently cleanse the skin (cleanser may be added to the sponge for optimal results).

    Rinse once more after use and leave to dry.

    Handle the sponge gently and never wring it out so as to avoid damaging the delicate fibres.

    The Konjac Sponge is a vegetable-based product and should last two to three months. Once it starts to look tired or breaks down, compost it and replace.