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“I love cotton pads from Korea – they’re just so much better, don’t disintegrate when being used and allow the majority of product to be actually absorbed on to your skin rather than in a spongey cotton pad. These are fantastic at distributing toner or for a quick sheetmask, simply drench the pads in your favourite toner and apply to the skin and leave on for five minutes!”

Thanks to its porous composition, in the form of small cavities, charcoal has an ultra-effective absorption capacity. It acts as a veritable magnet for impurities, bacteria, sebum and oil, capturing everything that can cause imperfections such as blackheads and pimples. It is so powerful that it can collect a colossal amount of dirt, up to several hundred times its own weight. It goes without saying that charcoal is one of the best ingredients for purifying the skin.

In addition to its purifying effects, charcoal also boasts antibacterial and regenerative properties, which explains why it’s featured in more and more facial masks. It's excellent for combination to oily skin types.. Cruelty free and all natural - what more could you want.

Etude House

One look at any Etude House shop or product, and you’ll see that they are true to their motto “Life Is Sweet💕״ While they may respond quickly to trends - with playful packaging, trendy and limited edition colors, and affordable prices — this global beauty brand doesn’t scrimp on quality. Their philosophy of positivity and pinkness is truly infectious, and their wide array of makeup and skincare encourages the young and young-at-heart to have fun with beauty and, yes, make life a little sweeter.

Etude House does not test ingredients or products on animals.

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    Maximise the efficacy of your skincare regime with Dear, Klairs Toner Mate 2-in-1 Cotton Pads, a set containing two types of pads that work alongside the Supple Preparation Facial Toner to create a clear and glowing complexion. The compressed and sponge pads work in harmony to improve absorption of the toner and boost the skin’s receptiveness to hydration. Expect radiant and healthy-looking results.

    Made with bamboo carbon, these cotton pads are an invaluable tool to your skin regimen by helping with better absorption of product into skin while also detoxifying harmful elements.

    This product is a cotton pad which contains bamboo charcoal that wipes off impurities from skin with it’s net shape.

    • 100% wool mash pad improves adsorption of wastes, dust and dead skin cells and effectively cleans the skin.
    • Bamboo charcoal rayon material helps adsorption of wastes works as a cushion to facilitate cotton pads to adhere to the skin.
    • Waterjet material sufficiently soaked in beauty water cleans and cares the skin nice and neatly.



    Key Ingredients


    Full List of Ingredients

    Cotton, Rayon, Charcoal.

    How to use

    Wipe the skin gently with the charcoal and cotton pad soaked in water.

    • 1- Wipe the skin with mesh side.
    • 2- Soak in beauty water and then pat with stripe side gently for absorption.