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ECLAIR - LED Therapy Mask

ECLAIR - LED Therapy Mask


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The ECLAIR LED Therapy Mask redefines skin health by offering a professional-grade treatment in the comfort of your home. With its lightweight design, protective features, and customisable light settings, it's more than just a skincare device—it's a holistic solution for anyone looking to invest in their skin's well-being. Join the skincare revolution and experience the ECLAIR difference for a brighter, healthier complexion that shines

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Three Powerful Light Settings for Comprehensive Skin Care

The ECLAIR LED Therapy Mask isn't just another skincare tool. It's your personal dermatologist at home, offering three distinct light settings to target specific skin issues:

  • Red Light Therapy: Unleash the power of red light to smooth fine lines and boost your skin's elasticity. This setting penetrates deeply to stimulate collagen production, providing a youthful complexion that radiates from within.
  • Orange Light Rejuvenation: Transform dull and tired skin with the orange light setting. It revitalises your complexion, offering a luminous glow by improving overall skin tone and bringing back the brightness your skin craves.
  • Blue Light for Sensitive Care: Calm and soothe sensitive skin with the gentle touch of blue light. It's specifically designed to minimise pore size and reduce inflammation, leaving your skin looking smooth and feeling refreshed.

Designed with Your Comfort in Mind

We understand that your comfort is paramount. That's why the ECLAIR LED Therapy Mask is engineered to be ultra-lightweight, weighing in at an astonishing 67g—lighter than a standard roll of toilet paper. This ground-breaking design ensures you can enjoy your LED light therapy sessions without the discomfort associated with heavier masks, making it the perfect choice for relaxing skin treatments at home or on-the-go.

Furthermore, the mask comes equipped with a protective eye shield to block LED light from reaching your eyes, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience during each session. 

Effortless and Eco-Friendly Recharging

Gone are the days of constantly replacing batteries. The ECLAIR LED Therapy Mask is conveniently rechargeable via USB, making it easy to power up the device whenever needed. Simply connect it to any USB port, and it's ready for your next skincare session. Not only does this feature save you time and money, but it also supports a more sustainable lifestyle.



Plastic, LED bulbs

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How to use
  1. Cleanse and tone skin.
  2. Press button on the arm of the mask for 3 seconds to turn on the mask.
  3. Press the button lightly once to change the light colour/wavelength/
  4. Light therapy will stop automatically after 15 minutes.
  5. Remove the mask and finish up your skincare routine.
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