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Formulated from COSRX's unique CentellAC-RX solution, the AC Collection Acne Patch works to restore and replenish your skin back to its natural perfection.

The CentellAC-RX solution within the patches not only balances the skin's natural pH levels, it also helps to restore the skin's sebum levels, ensuring that skin remains clean and clear.

Say goodbye to acne and unwanted blemishes with COSRX's AC Collection Acne Patch.


A standout-player in the highly competitive world of K-beauty, COSRX popularity spread by word-of-mouth through word-of-mouth rather than marketing. Founded with the simple mission of good, effective skincare ingredients with as little of the bad stuff as possible. Prioritising affordability and open communication with their customers over marketing - COSRX focuses their spending on ingredients and effectiveness rather than packaging and promotions. To that end, they focus on their products, and listen to customer feedback to refine and formulate their range and provide better service. From their award-winning One Step Green Hero Cleansing Pads to their Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser, COSRX epitomizes the future of K-beauty.

COSRX does not test ingredients or products on animals.

Explore our COSRX offerings

Explore our COSRX offerings 

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By working to reduce the appearance of acne-prone skin, the AC Collection Acne Patch from COSRX ensures that your skin is looking fresh and vibrant.

The Centella within the formula not only helps to soothe the skin, it also helps to manage scar formation and reduce the appearance of already existing scars.

The patches have been expertly designed to firmly fit onto the skin.

Designed in three distinct sizes to ensure that you can find a patch size that is right for you, these oval-shaped patches from COSRX cover everything from minor spots to large, cystic acne.

Vegan, Fragrance-free, Hypoallergenic

Product Contains 26 patches - Large 23x15mm (x 8), Medium 16x11mm (x 9), Small 13x9mm (x 9)


Key Ingredients

Hydrocolloid – made of gel forming ingredients. It creates a moist environment and draws out pus, bacteria and fluids whilst promoting wound healing.

Centella Asiatica Extract – this plant ingredient provides hydration and accelerates skin cell regeneration. It will also heal and soothe acne as well as reduce redness.

Full List of Ingredients

Carboxymethylcellulose sodium, Polyisobutene, Rosin, Polybutene, Mineral oil, Centella Asiatica Extract, Polyurethane film

How to use

Ensure the targeted area is clean and dry - do NOT apply any skin treatments or moisturizers between the patch and your skin.

Peel patch off sheet and apply gel side down to the active blemish. Push gently until it adheres to skin and leave on for several hours or overnight for best results. Remove patch when done and dispose.