It was my son’s flawless complexioned Korean friend who first introduced me to the Korean beauty world. And it was by using Korean skincare products and makeup that we were all won over by their outstanding quality.  The idea was born - we created K-Beauty UK to bring these exceptional products to everyone

A major principle of Korean beauty is to get to know your skin and care for it yourself according to its condition. Our message is simple: anyone who desires beautiful skin can have beautiful skin, and with some guidance the power to do that is in your own hands.

The huge number of savvy beauty consumers in Korea has sparked and cultivated a highly competitive market. This rivalry means cosmetic companies are driven to: produce outstanding, high quality products; package them in unique and appealing ways and price them competitively to attract the attention of the discerning Korean beauty consumer.

The use of chemical ingredients is minimal, there is a focus on natural ingredients so most products are suitable for those with sensitive skin. Additionally and crucially for us, Korean cosmetics are usually manufactured in ways that are respectful of nature and animals.

The high quality, innovation, competive pricing and visual appeal of Korean cosmetic products is hard to resist - we’ve fully embraced it and now have the best skin of our adult lives. Our team will introduce you to the best brands and the latest trends in Korean beauty products and skin care. 

 K-Beauty UK - Your skin only better

이따가 봐요~ (see you soon!)