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Data-driven, sustainable and highly transformative, TOUN28 is THE K Beauty brand that is leading the skincare revolution. Not only have the brand saved thousands of animals globally, they have also, as of the time of writing, reduced their plastic bottle consumption by over 419, 000 through their sustainable initiatives.


TOUN28 are a revolutionary skincare brand who refuse to conform to the status quo. With their belief that skincare of the future should be manufactured by predictive data analysis, TOUN28 have established themselves as a Korean Beauty brand who value hard diagnostic test results rather than mere preference or sensitivities.
A cruelty-free, eco-friendly brand that allocates 90% of production costs to ingredients and only 10% to packaging, TOUN28 create premium products that nourish and protect your skin.


Not only are TOUN28 products thoroughly soothing and restorative, they are also created by a brand that is working with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help fight climate change.
The number “28” in the name is in fact an emblem of the brand’s desire for us to readjust our skincare routine every 28 days to help suit seasonal changes and move with the skin’s natural renewal cycle.
Those who care both about their skin and the environment will not find a better Korean skincare brand than TOUN28.


Products from TOUN28 are all of premium quality, as a result it can sometimes be overwhelming to pick just one or two products to add to your skincare regime.
While products such as the TOUN28 sunscreen, a.k.a the TOUN 28 - Organic HEV (blue light) UV Protector, have earned worldwide acclaim, other products such as the TOUN 28 Trouble Care For Sensitive Skin or the TOUN 28 Trouble Care For Dehydrated Oily Skin are ideal for those who are looking to target their specific skincare concerns.


TOUN28 pride themselves on taking steps to care for the environment in which we live. After undergoing an extensive and rigorous screening process with the Vegan Society®, the most prestigious and established vegan regulatory body worldwide, TOUN28 has been registered as suitable for vegans.
In an effort to expand their vegan line, TOUN28 are also continuing to research and develop products that are completely free from animal-derived ingredients.
But TOUN28 are not just conscious of the animals that are harmed when making skincare products, they are a brand that thinks much wider than that. As a result TOUN28 developed biodegradable paper packaging for their cosmetics in order to reduce the plastic consumption that leads to over 2 billion animal fatalities every year.

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