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Lip care is often overlooked in the skincare process, but as the skin type is different from every other area of the face, it should be given as much consideration. Whether you’re looking for lip care products to soothe, hydrate or enhance your lips, we have a range of products available. 

The skin on our lips is much thinner than the rest of the face, so it benefits from deep hydration. The skin on our lips also has no sweat or oil glands, so does not produce oil in this area as it would elsewhere on your face. Korean beauty encourages lip care products as part of a full skincare regimen and emphasises the importance of a two-step lip care routine

The first of these two steps is to exfoliate the lips , which you can do with a scrub or chemical product. By this, we mean you don’t necessarily need a scrub to exfoliate your lips; you can opt for a foaming lip mask that will use bubbles to buff out dead skin. 

Colour tints are extremely popular lip care products in Korea as you get an aesthetically attractive lip colour while also benefiting from a lip balm’s hydration. Stained lip balms have a similar effect but with longer-lasting colour. Tinting and colour staining lip care products are an excellent alternative to lipsticks and glosses that can often leave your lips feeling drier. 

Lip care products intended for overnight use are an excellent way to give your lip skin a prolonged treatment without the interference of eating and drinking as you would during the daytime. The ever-popular Laneige lip sleeping mask melts away dead skin cells overnight and can work uninterrupted as you sleep!

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