Collection: Korean Pimple and Acne Patches

Korean pimple patches are one of the most popular K-Beauty products, thanks to the speed and effectiveness of their skin clearing properties. Our range of acne and pimple patches are super versatile and can be used to prevent, treat, or conceal spots. 

More general patches like the Etude House green tea nose patch help prevent spots by removing blackheads and other impurities. Korean acne patches tend to cover a broader area than Korean pimple patches, which are small and work on a concentrated spot.

The most popular Korean pimple patch treatments can help to deal with a breakout instantly. They will help reduce redness and inflammation in the area and speed up the recovery process. For an intense treatment, we have Korean pimple patches that work overnight too. 

A priority for many people looking for Korean pimple patches is concealment, a product that will hide the spot whilst simultaneously working to eliminate it. Many of our patches give an invisible look when worn and can even be worn underneath makeup, allowing you to carry on with your beauty routine as usual while the patch works its magic. 

Our acne and pimple patches are most effective when used in conjunction with daily spot treatments as part of a wider Korean skincare routine.

Take action against spots today with our selection of acne and pimple patches. K-Beauty UK has a range of spot treatments to help manage breakouts, and we offer free UK delivery on orders over £30. Buy now, pay later available.


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