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A branch of the HELLOSKIN company, JUMISO are a brand, which, according to their slogan, want to ‘Make You Smile.’ The smiley face on fan-favourite products such as the JUMISO Have A Good Cream Snail & Centella is an embodiment of the brand’s ambition to bring positive societal changes through the medium of Korean Beauty products.

With the philosophy of ‘Smile ON,’ JUMISO have established themselves as a brand that was born out of asking questions such as:

“How can we make positive changes to the world by making people smile?”


“How can we make people smile with our products?”

With the ultimate goal of making you feel ‘cONfidence,’ ‘wONder’ and ‘bONding’ through their ‘Smile ON’ philosophy, JUMISO strive to bring joy to your day everyday that you use their products.


JUMISO were established in 2016 by combining the words ‘Ju,’ meaning ‘give,’ and ‘Miso,’ meaning ‘smile.’ The result was a brand whose full name is ‘Give you Smile' in Korean. Ever noticed how so many JUMISO products like the JUMISO All Day Vitamin Clean & Mild Facial Cleanser have their own characters on them? That’s because since their inception JUMISO wanted to created characters that could be used as a ‘medium to deliver stories and messages about [their] slogan, ‘Make You Smile’.’

In JUMISO’s own words,

‘It’s about making you cONfident.’

‘It’s about showing you skincare wONders.’

‘It’s about making a bONding community.’

All while you’ve got that JUMISO ‘Smile ON.’


Though JUMISO are a relatively new brand on the K Beauty scene, their products have nonetheless established themselves as absolute cult classics. By utilising a wide range of tried-and-tested ingredients such as vitamin C, ceramides, centella asiatica extract and snail secretion filtrate, JUMISO products are able to radically transform your complexion while simultaneously being gentle on your skin.

Products such as the JUMISO All Day Vitamin Brightening & Balancing Facial Serum are not only enriched with anti-oxidants, they are also perfect for use on all skin-types.


As with all Korean Skincare brands it can sometimes be difficult to know which JUMISO products are best for you when the brand has such a varied selection of fantastic products available. Outlined below are some of the JUMISO products that we here at K Beauty UK can absolutely recommend:

JUMISO- Jumiso Let's Go! Kit
JUMISO- Super Soothing Cica & Aloe Facial Serum 30ml
JUMISO - Yes I Am Toner AHA 5% 125ml
JUMISO - AC Cure No Pain No Gain Spot Cream
JUMISO - Chewy Elasticity Mask Set 5pcs

Each of the products listed above are must-haves for those looking to revitalise their complexion.


Not only are JUMISO products 100% cruelty-free, they are also 100% suitable for vegans.

For other vegan and cruelty-free products see our specially dedicated page here


To see our favourite Korean skincare products right now check out this link to our best K beauty products by clicking here. For exclusive K Beauty UK deals and discounts why not click here?

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