Korean Cotton Pads a Must have For Any Skin Care Routine

As a life-long fabric snob, and avid beauty junkie, can you imagine my horror when I discovered Korean Cotton pads and realised I’ve been using the wrong fabric on my lovingly tended face for decades. It’s the little luxuries that make for a happy-life and now that I’ve experienced the pillowy soft, super sturdy - no fuzz left here - cotton pads - there’s no going back! 

When it comes to perfect skin, what you use to apply your products matters too. It doesn’t matter if you use the best skincare products if you’re damaging your skin during application.  Those generic cotton pads are okay, but they leave behind little pieces of eye-irritating fluff and often feel like they’re scratching your skin with their coarse texture and some pads are even made from a material that has been bleached or treated with other chemicals that can be too harsh on skin and trigger allergic reactions.

The superior softer Korean version, glides over your face like velvet, cleansing or applying product without disturbing the skin. If you are spending time and money on your skincare, Korean cotton pads are worth the splurge.  They can improve the application and effectiveness of your favourite skincare products and they absorb 50% less product than regular cotton pads, making them ideal for your expensive toners and essences. 

So in defense of the premium Korean Cotton pad, here are a few of our pillowy-soft favourites. 

Etude House Pure Cotton Plain Facial Pads

Incredibly smooth these are perfect - whether you’re applying toner or removing your makeup, these cotton pads have a gentle and soft feel and they’re 100% pure, organic cotton, ensuring that your skin receives the pampering it deserves - without wasting your product.


Etude House Multi-5 Layer Cotton Pads

These 100% cotton pads are popular among Korean women - this 5-layered cotton pad can be used in various ways by separating each layer depending on the purpose - allowing you to use them to remove makeup, apply toner or even create your own sheet mask by soaking them in your favorite essence.

These cotton pads are super-soft and will not pill or pull on your skin. With these, you'll get the most out of your products without irritating your skin.


Tony Moly Pure Cotton Sheet

This Korean cotton sheet is ideal for normal skin. If you have more sensitive skin, the peeling sheet is probably a better option. Like most K-cotton pads, this one helps you apply or remove products from your skin without extracting any moisture and leaving a soft finish. 



Tony Moly Soft Peeling Cotton Sheet 

This one, similar to the Etude Multi-5 has multiple peelable layers so that you have the right thickness based on the product you are using. In addition to applying or removing liquid from your face, this cotton pad goes a step further and helps wipe off dust, bacteria and dead cells from your skin leaving it with a healthy glow. 




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