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Flawless Korean Beauty Glow!

Korean girls are the height of chic, known for their trend-setting abilities in both makeup and fashion. These women have minimal yet flawless makeup, skin that glows, and gorgeous glossy hair. For most Korean women, their goal is to walk around looking like they effortlessly woke up like this. It’s the classic no makeup, makeup look, glowing, natural-looking dewy skin, bright eyes, and flushed cheeks, a far cry away from my own (slovenly and sickly looking) no-makeup days.  But while the end result looks effortless, the process to get there requires a bit of work.  Here’s how to master the no makeup makeup technique.


Step 1: Focus on skincare

Despite this being a makeup tutorial, the truth is, Korean women put skincare first and don’t rely heavily on makeup.  Instead, they like to enhance their natural features, starting with skin. So, before you go for a Korean makeup look, you have to start with a Korean skincare routine.

STEP 2: Prime your skin

Don’t worry if you’re new to K-Beauty and haven’t got that dewy, flawless skin yet, there are some products to help you fake it till you make it. To create a flawlessly smooth canvas on which to apply your makeup, use a BB cream or primer first. After blending your primer of choice onto your face, you can move on to the next step

Step 1 Korean no makeup makeup look | K Beauty UK


Step 3 Perfect Your Base

If you need a little bit of coverage for dark circles or blemishes, apply concealer or foundation on top of your primer.  The real basis of the Korean no-makeup look is a natural-looking skin tone, this means you shouldn’t cake on your foundation and can skip contouring your face.  

With your index finger gently smooth and pat concealer, that’s one shade lighter than your skin, under your eyes to cover any dark circles. 

If you need a little bit of coverage for blemishes, use foundation the exact colour of your skin only where you need it. Use your fingers or a brush, step back from the mirror check again and repeat if necessary.  Using a powder puff set your foundation by patting a small amount of powder over it - skip this step and your cover-up will disappear.


Step 4 Add the Glow

Korean  use their makeup to bring light to their faces, rather than creating shadows. Like we said before, they’re all about flaunting what you’ve already got. To do just that, apply a highlighter to your cheekbones and outline the cupid’s bow of your lips. This will draw subtle attention to your naturally gorgeous features.

Choose a highlighter without glitter flecks or unnatural colours, so you truly look like you’re being lit up from all the right angles.


Step 5: Just a Touch of Blush

A cream blush on the apples of your cheeks is all you need to accentuate a glowing Korean face. Just like the rest of your makeup keep it soft and natural.

Step 5 Korean no makeup makeup look | K Beauty UK



Step 6: Lusher Lashes

Skip the eyeliner and go straight for mascara to create that wide-eyed look the goes oh so perfectly with a classic red lip. Do one or two coats and don’t forget to curl the lashes first. 

Step 6 Korean no makeup makeup look | K Beauty UK


Step 7: Groom your brows

For the no makeup makeup look, a little grooming is all you need. Use an eyebrow brush or (specially purchased) soft toothbrush to comb your eyebrows before filling them in with the product of your choice. You have a couple options here — you can keep it super natural with an eyebrow mascara, or you can give your arches a little more definition with an eyebrow pencil.  For a final authentic no makeup touch be sure to brush your eyebrows up - that slightly unkempt just out of bed brow really works with the effortless look.

Step 7 Korean no makeup makeup look | K Beauty UK


Step 8: Lastly Lips

Even when not wearing makeup your lips probably have a little colour so why not play that up with a bright K-Pop popsical lip. Or to make the look classically Korean ~ put on your red lip. Red lips look best with neutral clothing, toned down makeup, and casual hair—basically anything that won’t distract from the luscious red lips.

Step 8 Korean no makeup makeup look | K Beauty UK


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