Wake Up and Glow with these Korean Sleeping Masks

Night creams and sleeping masks (aka sleeping packs) are essential in any skincare routine.  Your skin doesn’t behave the same when you sleep as it does during the day.  During the day, the skin plays a defensive role, protecting itself from the sun, pollution, weather conditions etc.  When you are asleep, the skin plays a restorative role, repairing and regenerating itself.  Improving our skin as we get our beauty sleep is definitely something we are all for.  Applying a product on our face and letting it work its magic after we hit the pillow is a simple enough idea, but knowing whether you should use a night cream or a sleeping pack is where things can get confusing.

Generally night creams are thicker and contain more nourishing and hydrating ingredients, than your daily moisturiser.  Sleeping packs are like night creams on steroids, they usually have a lightweight, gel-like texture and deliver a spa-like treatment overnight. Contrary do what you might think - they won’t make a mess on your pillowcase.  By leaving them on overnight, they create a seal to retain water allowing your skin to slowly absorb their nourishing, moisturising ingredients as you sleep. Allowing you to wake up to baby-soft, gorgeously glowing skin. 

You may be wondering: if a sleeping pack is more potent, why not use one every night?  Well your night cream is a daily hydration booster whereas a sleeping mask acts is more of a beauty treatment.  Treat yourself to an overnight face mask once or twice a week, or before a ‘big-day’to give your skin the extra oomph it deserves.   

Here are some Korean sleeping masks that can easily become a part of your skincare routine.

  Laneige Water Sleeping Mask  Laneige Water Sleeping Mask 

This one is great for all skin types and helps you deal with problems like drying skin, uneven skin tone and even wrinkles and lines. This mask is massage therapy for your skin with its gentle, soothing scents of orange flower, rose and sandalwood. If your skin is exhausted after battling the elements all day, this mask with the help of apricot and primrose extracts will brighten and replenish it. It is a bit of an investment, but you never compromise on good skin care. 

       Tonymoly Panda`s Dream White Magic Sleeping Mask

      Tonymoly Panda`s Dream White Magic Sleeping Mask

This Korean sleeping mask is about to become a quick favorite of yours. It not only keeps your skin hydrated while you sleep, it also brightens it and gives you an even skin tone. The Bamboo extract gives you a soothing feeling while you sleep and lavender prevents inflammation and calms your skin. It’s a lightweight formula that won’t overpower your skin. At only £11.50 it’s quite pocket-friendly and with the premium skincare it provides, it’s a must-buy. 

       COSRX Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask

      COSRX Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask

The name might be long, but so are the benefits of this sleeping mask. The rice extracts makes your skin look fresh so that you wake up with smooth, soft looking skin. Its formula is so light, you can even use this every night! It unclogs your pores and relaxes even the most fatigued skin. If you’ve had a long day work, pamper yourself with this nourishing sleeping mask and revive your skin. 


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