How to Look After Your Skin in Your 30s Using a 10-Step Skincare Routine

How to Look After Your Skin in Your 30s Using a 10-Step Skincare Routine


The Perfect Korean 10-Step Skincare Routine for Your 30s


You’ve finally stepped into your 30s and life seems good. Your skin, however…not so much. If you have been looking after your skin, this is the time when all your efforts will finally reap their fruit. However, if you’ve been reckless and walking around without UV protection, prepare to say hello to first signs of ageing, wrinkles, and extremely dehydrated skin. 

However, it still isn’t too late to turn things around for your face. Yes, ageing is an inevitable process, but with the right skincare, it can be significantly slowed down. This is exactly what the Korean 10-step skincare routine serves to do. 

Here’s a perfect regimen that will deal with every single skin woe popping up in your 30s. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it!


1. First Step: A Soothing Oil Cleanser 

Your first call of action is to cleanse your skin with oil. Yes, you read that right. The idea behind this step is to use oil to fight oil. With a gentle cleanser like BANILA CO. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original, you should dissolve all the gunk and dirt trapped in your pores.


BANILA CO - Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original


2. Second Step: Foaming Cleanser 

Now that the first layer of dirt and dead skin has been removed, the next step is to clean away what remains with a foaming cleanser. It’s important to use a gentle, hypo-allergenic cleanser as ageing skin tends to lose its collagen and become dehydrated quickly. A good option is the Benton Honest Cleansing Foam.


Benton Honest Cleansing Foam


3. Step Three: Gentle Exfoliation

An absolute must step for smooth glowing skin. Exfoliating regularly is vital to keep your skin looking it’s best, but you can overdo it. Remember gentle is the way forward and once or twice a week is frequent enough. For all skin-types -even for those with very sensitive skin - try the Benton - PHA Peeling Gel.

Benton - PHA Peeling Gel (shown in front of a sunset)

4. Fourth Step: Toner 

Now, that your skin is squeaky clean, it’s time to tone it up to balance all those oils. Remember, skin in your 30s is already dehydrated, so it’s important to use a toner immediately after double-cleansing. Pyunkang Yul - Essence Toner effectively hydrates, tones and preps up your skin for the next step.


Pyunkang Yul - Essence Toner (shown on a white paper background with flowers)


5.Fifth Step: Essence 

Now it’s time to use an essence to deliver intense hydration. The Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence is excellent for fading dark spots and healing away dry patches.


Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence


6. Sixth Step: Hydrating Serum or Treatment Ampoule

Now moving on to every lady’s favourite step: a nourishing pat of serums! The Purito - Centella Green Level Buffet Serum is formulated with a blend of centella extract, niacinamide, collagen and hyaluronic acid to repair and hydrate the skin for a plump, smooth complexion! 

 Purito - Centella Green Level Buffet Serum (shown on a pink background, sitting next to a plant)


7. Seventh Step: Sheet Masks 

Sheet masks deliver all the vitamins, minerals, and skin-loving ingredients to your skin in just 10-15 minutes. To truly pamper your face, try the TONYMOLY - I'm Real Aloe Sheet Mask to moisturise and hydrate your skin with refreshing Aloe Vera. 

 TONYMOLY - I'm Real Aloe Sheet Mask (shown on a green background)


8. Eighth Step: Anti-Aging Eye Cream 

Never forget the area around the eyes. It is very sensitive and prone to dark circles. Benton Fermentation Eye cream is a customer’s favourite to get rid of dark circles in less than two weeks!


Benton Fermentation Eye cream


9. Ninth Step: Moisturiser 

Now, to seal in all the nourishing goodness and healing botanicals, you need to moisturise your skin with a gentle cream. CosRX Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream is infused with wonderful enzymes, acids, and minerals that hydrate your skin while encouraging cell growth.


CosRX Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream


10. Tenth Step: UV Protection 

Lastly, you need to use sunscreen. Finish off with MISSHA All-Around Safe Block Essence Sun SPF45 PA+++ for perfectly glowing skin and full-on sun protection! 

Missha - All Around Safe Essence Sun Milk (shown on a white background with flowers)


This is the best anti-ageing Korean skincare routine for your 30s and is sure to give you beautiful skin in no time! 


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