Fall In Love With COSRX

Fall In Love With COSRX

In recent years COSRX have developed an international cult following, and understandably so. With their skin nurturing formulas and years of experience in the beauty industry, COSRX have developed products that really are in a league of their own.

The minimalist design of much of COSRX’s packaging is no coincidence. A brand that emphasises the idea that less is more, they also use as few ingredients as possible in their products to avoid unnecessary harm and skin irritation. Their philosophy is simple: ‘our philosophy is to listen to our customers to provide products that can meet their needs in the most effective way and at the most reasonable price point.’

Products such as their Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser epitomises COSRX’s mission to provide your skin with the nourishment that it deserves. Ideal for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin, the Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser has been formulated with purifying botanical ingredients to gently cleanse your skin of excess dirt and residue.


COSRX Good Morning Low pH Cleanser

Another fan favourite is the COSRX AC Collection Ultimate Spot Cream. A fast-working and effective treatment for acne breakouts and skin inflammation, the AC Collection Ultimate Spot Cream soothes damaged skin, strengthening your skin’s natural moisture barrier. 

COSRX AC Ultimate Collection Spot Cream

The COSRX Two in One Poreless Power Liquid is another gentle yet effective formula for cleansing and nourishing skin. Containing only 0.1% BHA, the Two in One Poreless Power Liquid is free from alcohol and allergens to ensure that your skin is well protected. By cleansing your skin and tightening your pores, the Two in One Poreless Power Liquid leaves your skin looking completely revitalised and refreshed. 

COSRX Two In One Poreless Power Liquid

The company’s ultimate vision is ‘to be a brand that transcends time and space to be close to our customers no matter where they are in the world.’ With so many of their fantastic products now able to reach consumers across the globe, COSRX are well on their way to achieving their ultimate goal. For skin that is totally revived and refreshed, try out some of COSRX’s fan favourites today. 


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