Anti-Ageing Skincare Routine

Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

Anti-Ageing Skincare Routine

No one can literally turn back time, but everyone can revitalise their skin and keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay with a solid skincare regime. It’s never too late to start taking great care of your skin, nor is it ever too early. That’s why, to help you on your journey to a transformed complexion, we’ve outlined the perfect anti-ageing regime. We’ve outlined simple steps, perfect products and key habits to adopt on your quest toward a youthful, radiant complexion.


  1. Wash With a Gentle Cleanser 

 The first step of every great skincare routine, cleansing removes the build-up of unwanted dirt and residue, helping to unclog your pores and prep your skin for every step that follows. To protect you skin’s natural barrier and slam the brakes on any premature damage or ageing, make sure that you purchase a gentle, kind-to-skin cleanser such as the Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Low pH Gel Cleanser 100ml from SOME BY MI. Purifying, nourishing, and ideal for those of all skin-types, a gentle cleanser like this one will rebalance your skin without leaving it dry and damaged. 

 2.   Exfoliate At Least Once a Week 

PURITO’s Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Sponge or Jeju Volcanic Scoria Konjac Sponge are great examples of gentle, physical exfoliators that can radically revitalise your complexion. By sloughing off all of those dead skin cells, exfoliators such as these ones help to restore the dull and lifeless skin which can be an unfortunate result of ageing. 

 3.   Apply Serum/Ampoule Treatments 

 The ideal companion for amping up your skincare routine and nourishing your skin with the nutrients that it deserves, serums and ampoules are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and other powerful ingredients. The COSRX - Full Fit Propolis Light Ampoule is our personal favourite. Offering your skin deep and long-lasting hydration alongside a vibrant glow, the Full Fit Ampoule works to repair skin and fight the signs of premature ageing. 

 The COSRX - Full Fit Propolis Light Ampoule 30ml

 4.   Apply Eye Cream

 A thin barrier that should usually be applied before your moisturiser and SPF, eye creams are a must-have when it comes to anti-ageing skincare regimes. Well-known for fighting the first signs of wrinkles and fine lines, eye creams target the most visible signs of ageing at their core. The SWANICOCO - Fermentation Peptine Eye Care Cream is a by and far the most iconic eye cream we know of when it comes to reducing the signs of ageing. Crowned the top performing anti-aging formulaic 2018, this is a winning solution in anyone’s skincare regime. 

 5.   Moisturise 

Hydration is crucial in anyone’s attempt to achieve glowing, dewy skin. But in your search for age-defiant skin, moisturisers are even more important than ever-before. Fine-lines and dull skin can easily be cause by sub-optimal skin moisture levels. To re-awaken your skin and restore its youthful glow, try out a moisturiser like this one from Etude House: Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream.

Etude House: Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream

 6.   Don’t Forget your SPF

 Finally, don’t forget your SPF. A sunscreen like the Innisfree Intensive Anti Pollution Sunscreen protects skin from unwanted damage. This will ensure your skin remains as bright and youthful as ever. Try out a sunscreen like the Innisfree Intensive Anti-Pollution Sunscreen for ultimate protection. 

 Above are 6 simple steps to a flawless anti-ageing skincare routine. With the products outlined above your skin will look greater than ever before. All that’s left to do is to bask in the glory of your new dermatological wisdom, enjoying the benefits of your age-defiant complexion. 

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